More than a creative agency.


Panama Wave is more than just a creative agency – it's a firm dedicated to creating platforms for enterprise and educational purposes, and generating and broadcasting media from those platforms to amplify their reach for a global audience.





Now you can invite people from anywhere in Panama, or anywhere in Latin America, or anywhere in the world who has an Internet connection to your on-line conference!  The conference can be for one day, two days, or as many as you like.  You can have multiple speakers.  Some of them can be pre-recorded and others can be live-streamed, as you like.  You are in control!  And your conference does not have to be just speakers.  It can include interaction so that attendees can make comments or ask their questions and get answers from speakers in real time.

But perhaps there is not enough time for people to offer their comments and questions during the live session.  We can also set up "discussion groups" on any topic where attendees can "talk" to each other on the subject using their keyboards.  The speaker, if he or she is still available, can join in too.  This maximizes the interaction of your conference attendees and their involvement in the important issues that concern you.  This can be much more practical and involve many more people than would be the case at a traditional conference.  By giving your attendees the opportunity to meet each other as well as the speakers, you make the conference even more valuable to them!  We can even make one of them a welcoming "open bar" (without the alcohol, of course!) where attendees can "mix and meet" each other for casual conversation too!

Conferences often require that people pay fees to attend.  Under some circumstances, if we are partners with you, we may be able to provide a payment service that accepts multiple currencies and a "sign up" form in multiple languages.  For more information, please contact us.

Educational Services 

Courses, Workshops and classes

In today's universities, students face challenges and so do their professors.  Students spend much of their time just getting to and from school.  Classes can be large and it is not easy for professors to interact with students as much as they would like.  With the widespread use of computers and Internet access, students can now "attend" classes from their homes or any place.  The classes can be simple videos, but they are far more effective if they are "live".  We can live-stream a professor to any number of students just as if they were sitting together in a room.  

In addition, we can add interaction.  Students can ask questions from wherever they are, using our system or even by Twitter, email, or another Internet service.  Professors can answer them in real time and all the students can benefit from it,. just as they would if they were all sitting together in a room.  For some professors, this is ideal.

However, professors are human too.  For some of them, the idea of speaking to a camera is very, very uncomfortable.  They prefer a human!  So we also can offer a "hybrid" approach.  The professor can videotape the lecture in advance.  This allows him or her to stop, start again, and change what they are saying.  We can edit that so it comes across as one lecture.  After presenting that at the live session, the professor can open the class to questions.  Instead of speaking to a camera, he or she can speak to one of our staff or another person who will relay the questions to the professor as they come in.  Our experience is that people who are shy about speaking to a camera relax and do very well when they can talk to an individual and not worry about the camera.  In every case, the person speaking has found it very easy to work with this hybrid.  In addition, the professor now has a video lecture that they can use again and again with other classes in the future.  This saves them a lot of time in preparation and more time to focus on interaction with their students.

No matter which approach is used, we emphasize making it an enjoyable and constructive experience for everyone involved!


Live Broadcasting

Amplify any of the messages

We can do all the video work done by any marketing firm, but we can also do much more!  As just one example, do you have a mailing list?  You can offer them a pre-recorded or live-stream video where you share what you offer with your potential clients.  If it is live-streamed and interactive, then they can ask questions and get answers in real time too.  This will set you apart from your competition who send out the same old emails with the same old information that rarely gets read in today's busy world.

When people read a commercial email, they may find something interesting, but want more information.   Perhaps one in 10, or one in 50, or one in 100 will actually take the time and effort to write you.  But if they are attending a live session on the Internet and can ask their questions at the moment they think of them, your response rate will be many, many times greater than from an ordinary email.  And if your response rate goes up, your sales will go up too!

Always remember, each potential client is the most important person in the world and each one has different interests and concerns.  You want them to feel that you are seriously concerned with their ideas and concerns as individuals, not just as part of a mailing list.  Nothing proves your sincerity more effectively and more dramatically than allowing them to take an active part in a live session.


If you treat your people as more than just another "mailing list", they will appreciate the attention and think of your business as being something special, a service that goes beyond the ordinary to help them understand what you offer and how it can help them.

Content Creation

Analysis, text, Video, Multimedia

A beautiful web page is of little use for business or education, if it does not communicate successfully with the client, whether a reader or a participant in an educational forum.  

Communication begins with you.  It is a combination of images and text, not one or the other.   It can attract a positive response or fail to attract any response.  It is a critical aspect of any presentation and requires serious attention if you want to open a "conversation" with clients or participants.

Do you need help creating content for your website or any other public presentation?  Individually and as a team, our staff has been doing this for years in publications all over the world, in text and in images.  We can help you do it too!  And yes, we can work in both English and Spanish.

Contact us and let us help you help others understand and appreciate all you have to offer. 

Recent Projects


The recently completed Panama Wave Conference was the first of its kind in Panama.  Combining pre-recorded video content with five live interactive broadcasts, the conference attracted sponsors like the City of Knowledge and and attendees from all over the world.



Bob Adams


Panama Wave's President and CEO is Bob Adams.  Bob is a resident of Panama and has promoted Panama through websites and publications globally.  He has discussed the potential of Panama and other topics in articles for Barron's, the weekly partner publication to the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, the New York Times, USA Today, the Singapore Straits-Times, the Asia Times, and many other publications.  He has also been interviewed by CNBC, Reuters television, Australian public television, French public television, BBC radio, and a variety of other media.  The former CEO of an American corporation and a long-time economic analyst for UN agencies, the US foreign aid program, corporations, and humanitarian NGOs, Bob brings his skills of analysis and communication to his work at Panama Wave.


Jeffrey Lane


Jeffrey Lane has been active in tourism and economic promotion in Panama for several years and has proven his ability to think "outside the box" in finding new ways to present information.  At Panama Wave, Jeff has specific responsibility for financial activity, particularly our relationship with "payment solutions" that allow us to accept payments in multiple currencies and languages from nations all over the world.  He also provides our day-to-day communication with clients in both Spanish and English. 


Asombro Media


Our partner for video, design, and broadcast. In the last six months, Asombro Media has produced videos that have racked up more than half a million views in a country of only three and half-million people. With footing in both the entertainment industry and regular foundation and non-profit work, we count on Asombro to bring engaging content to a broad audience.


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