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When Bob Adams set off to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines in 1967, he had no idea that his life would change forever.  Over the last 47 years, Bob worked in more than 40 nations in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, primarily as a consultant in various aspects of economic development for the UN, the US foreign aid program, various non-profit humanitarian groups, and commercial enterprises.  As a result of all this experience, Bob knew he wanted to relocate to another nation with better weather, a lower cost of living, and a stable, but growing, economy.  In February of 2004, he found exactly what he was looking for in Panama.

In the months following his arrival, Bob felt that the websites promoting relocation and investment in Panama were too often inaccurate and misleading.  Thinking, as most people did at the time, that all expatriates interested in Panama were retirees, he set up a website at  Without advertising or promotion, thousands of people joined as members over the years with currently more than 6,000 members from more than 40 nations globally who value his analysis and insights.  In the process, Bob discovered that a large portion of people interested in Panama were not traditional retirees.  Many were old enough to retire, but wanted to continue working or set up their own small businesses.  Many others were too young to retire, some of them wanting to bring families to Panama.  As a result, Retirement Wave's name is no longer entirely accurate, but that has not stopped people of all backgrounds from joining.  Access to the site is free and Bob answers all his emails, and there have been thousands, personally.

In addition, as Bob said more than a decade ago, "Everyone in Panama has an opinion as to why expatriates want to relocate and what they need, but no one has any facts."  In relation to US citizens, Bob contracted a professional polling firm to conduct nine surveys of the American people on the topic of relocation from 2005 through 2011, the first ones and only ones ever done.  On global relocation, he wrote two articles for Barron's, the weekly financial and investment "sister" publication to the Wall Street Journal, as well as other respected publications, and was interviewed on CNBC, Radio France, Australian public television, and similar media globally.  The combination of his research in the US with his extensive correspondence and face-to-face discussions with expats from all over the world at Retirement Wave, he has developed a realistic understanding of the needs and concerns of expatriates interested in relocating or investing in Panama.  


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