A brief introduction to Panama Wave S.A

Panama Wave S. A. is an analytical firm that provides research and consulting services to individuals and groups interested in investing in Panama. We practice “futures analysis”.  The word “futures” indicates our acceptance that there is no one certain future, but many possible future scenarios. We attempt to define those scenarios with the highest probability to help our clients make well-informed decisions. We are not an investment firm and do not offer accounts, have connections to investment firms, or make investments for clients. We offer genuine objectivity without any other agenda. In addition, we offer specialized marketing services to clients with commercial projects.

We are driven by analysis, not emotion

If you see your investment as a car, you want analysis behind the wheel, choosing the destination, choosing the route, and making decisions along the way as required.  Emotion should remain where it belongs - in the gas tank.  When analysis accelerates, emotion provides the energy.  Allowing emotion to sit behind the wheel offers a wild ride, fun for awhile, but never reaching its destination...or worse, blowing up.

We avoid the “advanced” and the “wannabes”

We are not interested in investments in the so-called “advanced markets” (those with mountains of both debt and social strife) or the major “emerging markets” (Brazil, Russia, India, China and a few others) that want to be like them and have succeeded, at least in terms of debt and social strife.  We expect those markets to be continuously disrupted and far too high-risk through the next decade.

We focus on Panama

Solid, stable, successful.  Steadily growing economy in the 21st century with the highest average annual GDP per-capita growth rate of the Western Hemisphere.  US dollar is the currency, inflation below average, and investment-grade status.  Major transportation, communication, and logistics hub for Latin America.  Best infrastructure in the region and improving every year.    Passed through the global financial crisis of 2009 with the highest GDP growth in the hemisphere (4%, most nations were negative), and not a penny of taxpayer money spent to “bail out” anything.  No military, no cartels, no guerrillas, no extremists, no political violence.  Fully functioning democracy with freedom of the press, speech, religion, and assembly.  

Bob Adams - Our CEO

Bob Adams, Panama Wave

Panama Wave's President and CEO is Bob Adams.  Bob is a permanent resident of Panama and has promoted Panama through websites and publications globally.  He has discussed the potential of Panama and other topics in articles for Barron's, the weekly partner publication to the Wall Street Journal, where he has been published on six occasions - a guest editorial and five articles.  His most recent article on Panama published at Barron's in the 8 August 2016 issue can be downloaded here.  Mr. Adams is a member of the McKinsey Global Executive Panel.

He has also published or been interviewed or cited by Business Insider, the New York Times, USA Today, the Singapore Straits-Times, the Asia Times, and many other publications.  He has also been interviewed by CNBC, NPR, Reuters television, Australian public television, French public radio, BBC radio, and a variety of other media.  The former CEO of an American corporation and a long-time economic analyst for UN agencies, the US foreign aid program, corporations, and humanitarian agencies in more than 40 nations globally, Bob brings decades of field experience along with his skills of analysis and communication to his work at Panama Wave.


Jeffrey Lane

Jeffrey Lane, Panama Wave, Panama

Jeffrey Lane has been active in tourism and economic promotion in Panama for several years and has proven his ability to think "outside the box" and share it with clients.  At Panama Wave, Jeff is responsible for overseeing field research.  Jeff provides a "younger" perspective to balance Bob's, keeping us relevant in the 21st century.  He knows Panama from one end to the other and from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic, looking for and checking out investment opportunities.  He also provides our day-to-day communication with clients in Spanish.  

In addition, if you are a client who needs a lawyer, an accountant, an interpreter, an architect or another specialist, we have a wide network of trusted competent professional associates who can provide you with practical assistance tailored to your needs.