Aguas Mansas at Lake Bayano

Lake Bayano, Panama, Investment Property

Lake Bayano – Aguas Mansas

Although Panama Wave S.A. is not a real estate agency and has no intentions of becoming one, we have made a one-time exception for a very special property.  For a decade, Panama Wave has researched and been otherwise active in an area to the east of Panama City.  As a result of that background and the connections we have made, the Panamanian owners approached us and asked us to represent them on an exclusive basis.  Knowing the property and its surroundings well, we immediately agreed.

 The “gem” of Panama, Lake Bayano, has been ignored, but that is now changing and its potential becoming clear to those who take the time to understand the area and “do the numbers”.  A decade ago, very few people had even visited the Lake, despite its proximity to Panama City.  A lack of development and poor road infrastructure did not help, so despite its 350 square kilometers (135 square miles). it was unknown

Lake Bayano Caves

Lake Bayano Caves

 Today, the infrastructure has greatly improved and is currently being expanded.  Travel to the Lake has become a comfortable journey and a short one.  The opening of the Bayano Caves to tourists has introduced the Lake to several thousand Panamanians and expatriates.

 Lake Bayano is at its “tipping point”, but there is one problem for an investor.  Only one property has access to a paved road and other amenities, substantial waterfront (2 miles or 3.2 kilometers), and is truly beautiful.  We represent that property.

 The video below shows the property, but take a moment and see the special website set up for Lake Bayano – Aguas MansasThis is legitimately a unique opportunity. We would be happy to personally introduce you to the Lake and its wonderful inhabitants, people and wildlife alike.


Aerial Video of Lake Bayano Investment Property, Panama