Your "Pied-à-Terre" in Panama

Translated from the French, “pied-à-terre” means “a foot on the ground”, first used in France in the early 1800s when France's wealthy elite who lived on estates far from Paris found that owning a second home in Paris was preferable to renting or staying in hotels during their visits.  It is a term recognized in English and many other languages. It is commonly used for a second home purchased for any reason.

Today, we live in a very, very troubled world with serious civil strife, even potential violence, a fact of life for many societies.  Too many people in too many nations feel a fear for the physical safety of themselves and their families and a fear of losing their rights to their private property,  If nothing else, the constant stress of living in a socially-disrupted and politically-divided society, never knowing what will come next, can be an emotionally damaging experience with long-term effects.

On the beach

Panama is Far

For current residents of North America, Europe, and Asia, Panama is distant physically.  It is far from the major global "hot spots" where people look to the future with serious concern, often with fear.  In that one sense, Panama is "isolated" from the very pressures we mention above.

Panama is Near

In today's world, being "connected" is critical to future economic and social development.  Every two years, the Deutsche Post DHL Group prepares a thorough and objective analysis of the "connectedness" of 140 nations, including Panama.  They measure twelve types of global trade, capital, information, and population flows.  It is a huge undertaking, far more sophisticated than any other "global index".

A street in Casco Viejo, the "old quarter".

A street in Casco Viejo, the "old quarter".

In their latest report (2016), Panama ranks as 42 of 140.  This compares to the US at 27 and Canada at 30. Panama is the only Latin American nation in the Top 50.  The closest other Latin American nation is Chile at 53.  Our neighbor, Costa Rica, is 87 and our other neighbor, Colombia, is 88.

Panama is an Investment in the Future

You may have heard that Panama has the fastest-growing economy of the Western Hemisphere in the 21st century.  In a single year, Panama may place as first, or third, or even fifth, but it is the hemisphere's leader in growth because of its consistency over time. Other nations "good years" are balanced by "bad years".  Panama has had no bad years in this century. even passing through the global financial crisis without damage, but continued growth.  In a troubled world, consistent positive growth is a sign of stability and security, critical to any investment.

There is more, much more, but if diversification is your goal, you can find it in Panama, both for your financial future and a future for you and those you love, should the need arise.

What do we offer?

Panama Wave is a consulting firm.  We provide a variety of services within either of two general categories.

An Introduction

We can provide an introduction to Panama and what it offers a client in the depth requested, from a general overview of the nation to a specific sector.  This can be as informal or formal as the client desires and is available for any size audience, from one to one hundred or more.

The Details

We are happy to sit down with a client and work out an agreement to provide consulting services over a period of time.  We can do anything from preparing a client for their own further investigation, or we can work on a regular basis with the client as she or he requires to accomplish a goal of their choosing.

Our services are to our clients.  We work on a fee basis.  The fee is determined once we have more specific information as to what the client desires.  If you would like further information please feel free to contact us.