Introducing Panama

Introducing Panamá

In today’s world, keeping up with all the important changes, opportunities, and challenges in more than 180 nations is impossible in practical terms.  Panama is a perfect example.  The rapid growth in its economy, infrastructure, and its attraction to foreign investment is so rapid that we say, “Don’t blink!  You’ll miss something!”

With a population of only 4 million, Panama’s economy is very small in comparison to a nation like Brazil and its more than 200 million people. But we always remind people of a simple fact.  It is not only how much money you make, it is also how many mouths you have to feed.

As recently as 2000, Panama’s economy measured by per capita (per person) GDP was roughly the same as that of Costa Rica and Colombia, and far below that of the two Latin American “heavyweights” – Mexico and Brazil.

At the end of 2015, Panama’s GDP per capita was 24% higher than Mexico’s, 39% higher than Brazil’s, 41% higher than Costa Rica’s, and 57% higher than Colombia’s.  The trend continued in 2016 and Panama is already well on its way to raising those percentages again in 2017.

Panama’s economic “pie” has profited Panamanians as it should, but it can profit you as well, if you enter the market intelligently and are fully aware of Panama’s potential.

Panama Wave S.A. is here for one purpose – to help Panamanians and people from all nations to fully benefit from investing wisely in Panama’s bright future.

We Help You Invest Wisely

Panama Wave specializes in consulting services to high net-worth individuals, their families, and the institutions that serve them.

Artwork by Alex McVey for Panama Wave S.A.

Artwork by Alex McVey for Panama Wave S.A.

Panama Wave is not an investment fund of any kind.  We do not invest your money for you.  When you meet with us, we do not “pitch” any investment.  We sit and listen to you carefully.  We do not make your decisions for you.  We are consultants ready to help you or your representatives accomplish your goals.

If there is one problem associated with understanding Panama or any nation, it is finding real information, not just opinions.  Everyone has opinions, but they frequently reflect personal or commercial agendas.  Without information to back it up, an opinion is just opinion, often distorted by emotion, positive or negative.  At Panama Wave, we stress the need for information first, updated as needed for the changing circumstances of a dynamic economy.  When opinion is based on a solid foundation of information, it has real value for you and for Panama.  A few examples of our information-gathering can be found in our Commentary section edited by our CEO, Bob Adams.

Retired couple fishing in Panama

We Also Help People to Invest Their Lives

 Panama Wave S.A. assists investors with substantial resources at their disposal, but we also do what we can to reach out to the great majority of expatriates from all over the world to explain the benefits of relocating to Panama.  We understand.  We grew from the same roots.

Although our services are not appropriate for this very important market of good people, our CEO, Bob Adams, personally reaches out to help at his own website, Retirement Wave, where he responds personally to emails received (many of them from those much too young to retire!), and his YouTube channel, updated frequently, which features simple "amateur" videos that offer advice and answers questions from subscribers.

Contact Us and give us the chance, at no cost to you, to listen to you or your representative and offer our help in seeing to it that you are successful, whatever your goals may be.